If you have ever wondered why we tend to remind you over and over about preventive care and just how important it is for you to follow through with it, today, we share one very important reason: Gingivitis! It’s absolutely something you’re going to want to avoid, if you can help it, which you most certainly can if you follow our suggestions for your daily and long-term care. Are you ready? Wonderful. Gain a more thorough understanding of this gum health problem from our Silver City, NM team, as you become much more familiar with why keeping it from impacting your oral health should be a major priority!

Who Needs To Worry About It?

Of course, we certainly don’t ever want you to feel stressed about your dental care in any way! However, we do want you to keep the significant details in mind, so you remember to keep up with essential prevention (and more) that will allow you to enjoy a smile that’s healthy and that remains healthy. With that said, everyone needs to remain mindful of the possibility of gingivitis. It’s not something that only affects one particular type of person or age group but instead, can impact anybody.

Why Avoid It?

You may wonder if gingivitis is actually something to consider or if it’s one of those things you hear about but that’s not really that big of a deal. The fact? It’s a very big deal! Of course, this initial chapter of gum disease on its own is the least damaging. The problem is that when you don’t treat it, it’s a springboard into what can become serious and widespread injury to your oral tissues. So much so that you can end up with tooth loss and a need for replacement teeth!

How To Prevent It?

If you would rather not deal with gingivitis and the potential complications it brings but would instead, love to prevent it, we are here to help. Remember that it’s your daily and twice-annual preventive care that gives you all you need. Your twice-a-day brushing session and your once-a-day flossing is what you should do at home each day. You also need our professional cleanings (and checkups, too), which ensure you’re right on track!

What If It Happens?

With all of that said, there’s no reason to feel overwhelmed if gingivitis develops. There is, as you have noticed, good reason to head straight to our practice for treatment! We will resolve the problem, so you can regain healthy gums (and avoid heading down a path toward periodontitis!).

See Us For Help With Gum Protection 

Remember that protecting your gums is easy but does require a couple essential steps. Follow through on caring for your smile at home with brushing and flossing and always remember to see us for cleanings! To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.