Over the course of your lifetime, you may find that you occasionally deal with an issue here, and another there, in relation to your dental hygiene experience. Most of the time, it’s all smooth sailing! However, what to do when a sudden and frustrating obstacle shows up, such as dealing with hand cramps, while brushing your teeth? Our Silver City, NM team suggests you do a bit of detective work, reflect on the details, and of course bring your concerns to our attention, so we may help! Remember, the more you learn about your care, the easier it is to streamline it!

You’re Holding It Too Tightly

Is your hand cramping up, as you practice the brushing part of your dental hygiene session? Not to worry! There’s probably a very simple explanation. First up: Are you tense? Are you worried about your oral health or your approach to dental care? We encourage you to simply determine whether you’re holding the brush with a vice like grip! If so, then it’s time to relax those fingers and those muscles, as you loosen up and let those cramps go away.

You’re Brushing Too Hard

Remember that brushing too hard can lead to damaged teeth and gums, which is certainly not something you want! We understand, of course, that you may initially assume that the most powerful dental hygiene you can possibly practice is going to be what helps you keep your smile the cleanest and healthiest. However, it’s almost the opposite that is true! Gentle care is the better route, so you don’t damage your smile. Do yourself a favor and brush gently. You may find that as you relax your approach, you relax your hand, too!

Your Brush Handle Is Too Small

Very simply, if the toothbrush handle is just too slim for you, then you may have a hard time holding onto it. This struggle may lead to a hand that feels cramped. Find a brush with a more substantial handle for a much easier experience with your dental hygiene!

You’re Rushing!

When you talk with us about your dental hygiene during a dental checkup and cleaning, one of the things we will likely bring up will include how long it takes you to brush. If you rush, you may be holding onto that toothbrush for dear life, which can cause cramps. Instead, hold it delicately, brush for two luxurious minutes, and you’ll be in good shape.

Improve Brushing By Asking For Product Tips

Tell us when you realize that you’re dealing with any type of discomfort, while practicing dental hygiene, even if it’s out of the ordinary! We will consider the details and provide you with helpful advice for improvement! To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.