When you hear that it’s better to treat a problem than to mask symptoms, you may not really understand what we mean by that. As a result, you may wonder if you’ve been doing it, what the alternative is, and how you should be going about your dental care in a different, more beneficial way. Fortunately, once you grasp this easy-to-digest concept, as our Silver City, NM team explains it, you’ll find that you have a clear, solid understanding of what is required of you when a problem needs professional attention! Learn more.

About “Masking”

When you hear us mention that you’re masking symptoms or masking a problem, this means that you’re simply addressing the side effect of a deeper oral health problem. For instance, if you have an infected tooth but you keep taking pain relievers to address the pain (but not the infection itself), then it’s as though you are keeping the issue hidden. You’re making it seem as though nothing is wrong, while the underlying concern still exists. Perhaps you have bad breath, so you keep using minty mouthwash. However, if your bad breath is the result of gingivitis, then you’re masking the problem by addressing symptoms but not the root cause.

Why Is Masking Bad?

Remember that if you ignore the problem, even if you find a way to cover up the symptoms, that issue is going to continue to worsen. Problems associated with your oral health, whether they are related to your function or your hygiene will generally progress when left untreated. So, decay can become an infection, which can spread throughout your mouth. Gingivitis can become periodontitis, which can damage most of your oral tissues. However, if you immediately address the actual issue itself with our dental care, you stop the problem in its tracks and associated symptoms disappear. It’s a better approach!

How Do I Figure Out What The Root Cause Is?

If you deal with any type of change with your smile, you’ll notice the symptoms. This might include pain, a change in color, a change in breath, or any other noticeable difference from what your healthy smile includes. When a symptom appears, bring it to our attention during a dental care visit. In addition, you should always keep your twice-annual checkups scheduled. The result? We will be able to examine your smile and often detect changes you do not, so you know the cause of any concerns (and the right way to treat them).

Treat Your Smile With Our Care

Get to the bottom of symptoms by visiting our team for a dental checkup and any required dental care to resolve the issue. Always see us for answers instead of masking symptoms, so your oral health benefits! To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.