There are some very obvious things you can do to prevent cavities (and, though you may be aware of them, sometimes you simply need a reminder to actually follow through on performing them!). Then, there are some not-so-obvious details that come into play that, should you put them into practice, can have a significant impact on your ability to say goodbye to tooth decay without always wondering whether you are or aren’t headed toward a cavity. For success, consider some things our Silver City, NM team suggests you do … and things we suggest you limit!

Do: Brush And Floss

When you want to say goodbye to cavities, as in, the development of decay in the future, we remind you that the very basis of your plans should include dental hygiene. It seems simple but it’s also very easy to overlook or to only partially practice. Remember that when you are brushing your smile twice every day, you’re doing a good job. When you’re also flossing every day, you’re doing an outstanding job. You’re removing plaque, so it doesn’t turn into tartar, and so bacteria within this substance does not lead to the decay of your teeth (or gingivitis!).

Limit: Sugar

Now, as for something to limit, so you’re not seeing us for restorative care for cavities any time soon, we remind you: Do your best to limit sugar. Actually, do your best to limit the amount of time sugar remains in contact with your smile. You may wish to do this by simply avoiding sweets. Or, you may still want to eat them but just more responsibly (which means drinking water after you eat them and remembering to brush your teeth within a half hour, if possible). Removing this fuel for bacteria helps you limit tooth decay.

Do: Visit Us For Cleanings

Dental hygiene provides you with outstanding protection against tooth decay, as mentioned, but it’s only half the battle. Scheduling dental cleanings (and checkups) with us two times a year makes for complete prevention!

Limit: Acidic Foods And Beverages

Sugar certainly contributes to the development of cavities but remember, the same is true for acidic foods and beverages! Follow the same reminders: Limit contact by avoidance or by rinsing after you consume!

Make Cavities A Thing Of The Past

Say goodbye to cavities, as you learn all about how to properly protect your smile with home dental care, professional dental care, and by making good choices that promote clean, healthy teeth. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.