Yes! We made it to autumn, which means so many happy times ahead, so much delicious food, so many parties, so many sweaters to wear! Then, of course, in addition to the fun festivities headed your way, there are some details to consider in terms of your smile! So, what is it that you need to bring to the forefront, now that we have just a handful of months left before we’re ringing in the new year? Well, our Silver City, NM team suggests you focus on your autumn smile goals to ensure you get them sorted out now, before we’re well into winter!

Get Whitening Now, Not Later

If you were hoping to feel oh so fantastic with your bright, winter white grin this year, you aren’t going to want to wait until winter! Instead, remember that this is a smile goal that is best started in autumn. As in, right this second. When you wait, you run the risk of finding out that you’re not necessarily ready for whitening just yet but need restorative care first. Or, that you are better suited to something like veneers. Or, you may accidentally wait too long and realize the year is up! So, start now for smooth sailing toward that vivid grin.

Say Yes To That Second Checkup And Cleaning

Another smile goal you likely have is one that is true for just about everyone: You need your second dental checkup and cleaning. Unless you are on a different schedule, you probably get one during the beginning of the year and then another during the second half. If you haven’t followed through on completing this just yet, then autumn is the time to give us a call to ensure we’ve seen you for your second preventive visit before the end of December shows up.

Don’t Miss Your Benefits: They’ll Run Out!

How are your insurance benefits doing? Have you considered them in a while or is that one of those things you tend to forget about? We remind you that it’s often very easy to suddenly remember that they exist but only once it’s too late to use them! So, take this autumn reminder to look at them right this instant. If there’s dental care you need and it’s covered, you just need to contact us, set up your visit, and follow through. It couldn’t be any easier to reach this smile goal!

Make The Most Of Autumn Dental Care

Take care of goals for your smile this autumn by taking care of final preventive care, addressing cosmetic dreams you’ve had, and by ensuring your smile is ready for the winter holiday season! To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.