Month: October 2019

4 Reasons Your Bruxism Is Still An Issue

You know that you have bruxism disorder but instead of things having improved since your diagnosis with our Silver City, NM team, you’re still finding yourself impacted by grinding or clenching (or both). What’s going on here? Perhaps you know the reason for your continued symptoms. Or, maybe you feel like you’re doing what you’re… Read more »

When The Smile Care Answer Is “Whatever You Prefer!” 

There are often some very specific, correct answers to your questions about smile care, which may lead you to believe there’s probably always a right and a wrong choice. However, our Silver City, NM team is pleased to remind you that there are certainly moments throughout your oral health care journey that will be much… Read more »

Water And Your Oral Health: When To Embrace It! 

In short, you should always embrace water! It’s pretty much always good for your oral health. With that said, however, you may be wondering if there are some specific times you’re overlooking during which water is a helpful suggestion, if not practically magical, for assisting you in keeping your oral environment clean and safe! Fortunately,… Read more »

You’ve Heard Of Spring Cleaning…But Fall Cleaning?

You know all about spring cleaning, when you dust, you toss out the stuff you don’t use anymore, you organize as much as you can, you de-clutter, and you may even extend this clean everything out mentality to your daily and long-term life schedule, too! While this can prove beneficial for your oral health, should… Read more »

No, That Smile Care Approach Isn’t Weird! 

We know that though there are some particular guidelines we present our patients for optimal oral health, it doesn’t mean everyone is going to do things just the same. However, from your side of things, you may occasionally worry that we have specific expectations. Here’s what our Silver City, NM team would love for you… Read more »