You know all about spring cleaning, when you dust, you toss out the stuff you don’t use anymore, you organize as much as you can, you de-clutter, and you may even extend this clean everything out mentality to your daily and long-term life schedule, too! While this can prove beneficial for your oral health, should you choose to include it in your cleanout, we are now in the midst of autumn! It’s been a while since spring, summer has passed, and now, you might have noticed that you’ve managed to accumulate some items (and let some important tasks fall by the wayside). So, our Silver City, NM team suggests: Fall cleaning! Learn more.

Schedule Your 2nd Annual Dental Cleaning!

Let’s begin at the organizing your life portion of your fall cleaning experience! Check your calendar and review your schedule. Reflect on the dental care that you have received thus far! What is it that you’ve accidentally allowed to lie dormant in the cobwebs of your mind that you’re currently clearing away? If you need your second annual dental cleaning, now is the time to schedule it before the year is through (and your insurance benefits run out). Need anything else for your oral health? A filling? Crown? We’re here for your every smile care need!

Get Your Home Care Cleaned Out!

Now, for the actually physical cleaning and removal of all things that are cluttering your life (and your bathroom) in terms of your oral health care. First, check out your dental hygiene collection and toss out anything that’s expired, obviously old, or that you will never use again. Next, ask yourself what you need in order to get your space organized and stocked for optimal dental care. Once you get these details addressed, you’ll be ready for enjoyable brushing and flossing!

Prep For Holiday Time, Too!

Remember to add the holidays to your list, when you’re doing your fall cleaning in your bathroom and home. What do you need to consider? Are you going to be having guests in your home? Are you planning on leaving, traveling to another place for your festivities? Going on a very fun vacation? If so, then take stock of what’s in your cabinets, what guests might need, or what you and your family might need to ensure you have dental hygiene items with you at all times! Last but not least, take stock of your professional smile care and ask, what’s missing and what needs to be addressed? Need care? Come in soon!

Prepare For A Healthy Fall Smile

Do a bit of autumn cleaning, similar to spring cleaning, but in the cooler months of the year! Follow through on our advice to get your dental hygiene collection sorted and to see our team for your next cleaning! To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.