In short, you should always embrace water! It’s pretty much always good for your oral health. With that said, however, you may be wondering if there are some specific times you’re overlooking during which water is a helpful suggestion, if not practically magical, for assisting you in keeping your oral environment clean and safe! Fortunately, our Silver City, NM team is more than happy to announce that we absolutely have some suggestions for ideas you may not have considered just yet! They can give you that extra bit of protection you need for a smile that stays healthy, feels good, and that you feel good about, too!

When You’re In Bed And Thirsty

If you tend to feel thirsty or even a bit hungry after your evening dental hygiene, once you’re cozy in bed, keep water next to you. It’s safe for your oral health and will satiate that quick craving without causing anything but hydration (which is beneficial for your body and your grin!). Remember that drinking or eating anything else may promote cavities!

When You Get Sick

Whether you get sick and you’re stuck in bed for a while, due to anything at all, from a fever to congestion to a stomach bug, it’s very important that you drink lots of water. You can become dehydrated, when you’re sick, which is bad for your health, bad for your oral health, and can become dangerous if it becomes serious. So, keep a glass or bottle near you and keep drinking! Remember, it’s also wise to rinse with water if you vomit because the fluids from your stomach are highly acidic and can damage your teeth. Don’t brush right away! Swish with water, wait a while, and then brush if you are able.

When You Eat Anything At All

Of course, one of the things you’re more interested in when it comes to your oral health is ensuring that you’re doing what it takes to avoid problems, so that you may continue to enjoy preventive care, rather than requiring restorative care. You know that brushing twice a day and flossing once daily is beneficial but what about for all of the other times? What about right after you eat lunch, a snack, a beverage, etc.? To this, we say: Drink water! Swish, swirl, and move it throughout your mouth to dislodge food particles, shake bacteria free, and to reduce the acidity of your oral environment! Whether you’re rinsing and spitting or enjoy a glass of water, this works wonders!

Enjoy Our Simple Yet Helpful Tips

Remember that when your goal is to keep your smile in its best possible condition, all it takes is a visit to our dental care practice for the information you need! Gather tips from us when you see us. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.