You know that you have bruxism disorder but instead of things having improved since your diagnosis with our Silver City, NM team, you’re still finding yourself impacted by grinding or clenching (or both). What’s going on here? Perhaps you know the reason for your continued symptoms. Or, maybe you feel like you’re doing what you’re supposed to do, you’re using your bruxism treatment that we provided, but still, it’s an issue. Not to worry! This is not the first time we have heard such news, which means we are certainly ready to deliver you the insight you’re seeking!

#1: You Never Sought Treatment With Us

Perhaps we let you know that you are dealing with bruxism disorder but you haven’t come in to follow through with receiving bruxism treatment with us. When you head home and attempt to deal with the issue on your own, you’re missing out on valuable night-long care that can provide an immense amount of support, protection, and improvement to your smile. Remember that bruxism treatment we provide is in the form of oral appliance therapy, or a mouthguard that will cushion teeth and limit movement at night!

#2: You’re Sort Of Using Your Oral Appliance

Where is the improvement you were so excited to experience with your bruxism treatment, you ask? Well, if you haven’t been wearing your oral appliance every single night, as you are meant to do for effective treatment, then this may be the reason you’re not having any luck. Don’t overlook the fact that it only works if you use it as directed. Get back into the swing of things for results.

#3: You’re Not Addressing Lifestyle Considerations

Of course, the primary focus of bruxism treatment is using an oral appliance. However, remember that if you ignore lifestyle suggestions (like easing up with caffeine, cutting out excessive snacking, and more) then you may still be encouraging the issue on a daily basis. Add lifestyle details into the mix for a truly impactful approach.

#4: You Need Help With Your Smile

In some cases, the underlying cause of bruxism disorder is closely tied to something like misalignment, damaged or uneven dental work, or something else that throws off the balance of your bite. By addressing it with whatever dental care we suggest, you create a balance to your bite that will then allow you to minimize the occurrence of bruxism, as your oral appliance takes care of the rest. If you have not yet followed through with the suggested care, this may an issue, so follow up with our team soon!

Help Ease The Discomfort Of Bruxism

Seek bruxism treatment from our friendly dental care team, so you may continue to diminish the discomfort associated with bruxism disorder. Address any additional contributing factors, as well, for successful improvement! To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.