Month: November 2019

Close The Year Out With Dental Bonding! 

Ready to close out the year with a smile that looks absolutely lovely, so the new year doesn’t include any smile-related regrets in terms of your appearance? We understand! When you find that adding a little more tissue or a bit of camouflaging would solve your dilemma, it’s time to take dental bonding with our… Read more »

Holiday Gifts For Your Sensitive Smile! 

Do you have what you generally refer to as a sensitive smile and it’s just part of who you are (as verified by our Silver City, NM team)? Or, is this dental sensitivity a new thing for you and you’re starting to realize it’s probably something that requires your (immediate) attention because it definitely doesn’t… Read more »

Listen To Your Gums For Oral Health Protection! 

You are certainly correct if you’re thinking to yourself, “My gums don’t talk to me or make noises!” However, we remind you that when you figuratively “listen to” or interpret the signals you’re being provided by your smile, when it comes to your gingival tissue, you can often quickly snap into action when our care… Read more »

Top 4 Toothbrush Tips For A Better Experience

As long as you are picking up a toothbrush, applying toothpaste, and you’re brushing your teeth twice a day, you’re going to enjoy some level of oral health protection through dental hygiene. However, what if our Silver City, NM team were to tell you that success lies not only in the right approach to this… Read more »