You are certainly correct if you’re thinking to yourself, “My gums don’t talk to me or make noises!” However, we remind you that when you figuratively “listen to” or interpret the signals you’re being provided by your smile, when it comes to your gingival tissue, you can often quickly snap into action when our care is required. Our Silver City, NM team encourages you to take a closer look at some things to “listen” for from your smile, so you don’t miss out on gum care with our team (and the exceptional protection it provides), if you need it.

Are They Screaming And Bright Red?

If your gums could scream, do you feel like that’s probably what would be going on, as you stare at them in the mirror? Bright red or even purple gum tissue is alarming and it looks this way for a reason! It’s your body’s way of letting you know that you may require our professional dental care services to address an existing periodontal problem. Should you worry? If you get in touch with us soon for a visit and essential gum care, then not at all!

Is The Puffiness Loud And Clear?

Are you seeing what you can verify is most definitely puffiness? When inflammation is present, you know that your gums are not happy. They are telling you that it’s time to pick up the phone, call our team, and to let us know that it’s likely you are in need of a professional dental treatment in order to get your oral health back on a promising path!

Is The Discomfort An Obvious Message?

You might eat something a bit too hot and find yourself with a bit of minor irritation to your gums. However, if what you’re dealing with is all over tenderness or other strange discomfort that persists, it’s most certainly a message letting you know you need care. See us for a dental checkup immediately, rather than waiting, so we can quickly redirect your gum health!

Do You Recognize That Strange Taste Or Breath Shift?

Remember that when gum disease is present, it’s generally the result of an accumulation of bacteria. As you know, bacteria don’t create very nice odors (and they can cause your mouth to taste unpleasant). When this type of shift occurs, whether you’re certain it’s gum related or not, come in! See if you require gum care or any other care to improve your oral health.

Contact Us For Gum Care! 

Get serious about any changes or symptoms you’re noticing associated with your gum health, as you quickly get in touch with our team! Follow through with perio care, such as scaling and root planing, for improvement! To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.