Do you have what you generally refer to as a sensitive smile and it’s just part of who you are (as verified by our Silver City, NM team)? Or, is this dental sensitivity a new thing for you and you’re starting to realize it’s probably something that requires your (immediate) attention because it definitely doesn’t feel good? Keep in mind that, like with anything else associated with your oral health and the ways your smile feels, we are absolutely full of the advice, the dental care, and the guidance you need! First up? Consider giving your smile some very beneficial smile gifts this year, so you can simultaneously celebrate and calm those smile nerves!

An Electric Toothbrush!

When you think about the vibrations created by an electric toothbrush, you may guess that it’s bad for dental sensitivity. However, we want you to remember that it’s often actually much easier to brush gently with a powered brush than a manual one! Plus, if sensitivity stems from gum recession, gentler brushing with this approach will help, too!

Woven Floss For Sensitive Gums

Think some of your smile sensitivity (or perhaps all of it) has more to do with your gums than anything else? While it’s possible you just have sensitive gums and should really consider finding floss that’s much gentler on your gum tissue, we remind you: This type of sensitivity is also often the result of gingivitis. So, to rule out gum disease (or, to have the opportunity to give yourself the ever-important gift of gum care if you need it), come in soon for a visit with our team!

A Trip To Our Practice (And, Possibly, Dental Care)

Think of a dental checkup (and the potential for some very helpful additional professional care) as a lovely gift to bestow upon your smile and schedule your visit today! Your sensitivity may need our attention.

A Comfy Scarf

Didn’t see this one coming? It may seem very simple and even obvious but remember: If you’re not already someone who tends to wear scarves, then it might not be something that immediately crosses your mind. However, when your smile has time to get chilled when you’re outdoors and even sitting in your car, waiting for it to warm up, this coldness can lead to some serious discomfort with every inhalation of winter air! Create a barrier between the winter air and your grin, when you simply keep a comfy scarf draped over your mouth, when needed.

Address Winter Dental Sensitivity! 

Consider giving yourself the holiday gift of decreased dental sensitivity not only by offering yourself some simple remedies but also by visiting our team! Agree to any required treatment for quick improvement. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.