Ready to close out the year with a smile that looks absolutely lovely, so the new year doesn’t include any smile-related regrets in terms of your appearance? We understand! When you find that adding a little more tissue or a bit of camouflaging would solve your dilemma, it’s time to take dental bonding with our Silver City, NM team into serious consideration! Learn more!

Fix That Chip You Dislike!

A chip may be the smallest bit of tooth tissue broken away from your smile but it can create quite a disruption to an otherwise consistently lovely looking smile. Don’t let this become something you drag into the new year with you! Instead, remember that this is very easy to treat! Call us to schedule bonding, so your tooth looks blemish-free again!

Cover Up A Stain Or Two

Of course, teeth whitening is fantastic when what you want it to address a smile that’s nearly completely discolored across the board. However, you might sometimes wonder what to do if you have one tooth that’s stained compared with those around it. Or, you may wonder what to do if you have a partially stained tooth. The answer is easy! Find out if dental bonding is for you by visiting us soon! We can quickly camouflage this type of discoloration with bonding, so your grin all appears to be the same color!

Close A Frustrating Gap

A gap between two teeth can become more and more frustrating in more ways than one! First, it can pinch your tongue or other soft tissue. Next, you may not like the way it looks! It can also become a little tiny trap where food tends to become stuck, which can leave you with a smile you need to hide from others just after eating. Remember that dental bonding allows us to add what appears to be more dental tissue. For teeth that sit side by side to sit flush, speak with us soon about bonding, you may enter the new year with the smile you want!

Even It All Out!

Do you have a couple short teeth that are making your smile that is beautiful in every other way look…somewhat jagged? No problem! When you’re hoping to end the year with your smile looking just the way you want, remember that dental bonding is a cosmetic treatment that lets us build onto your teeth, re-sculpting their current appearance or length. We can gently increase the length of short teeth, so your smile looks exceptionally sleek and consistent!

Come To Us For Bonding! 

Let us know when you need help with the way your smile looks, so we may help you learn more about dental bonding, how it may work for you, and so we may assist you with achieving your goals! To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.