Month: January 2020

Is Your Gummy Smile A Candidate for Contouring?

A gummy smile isn’t as common as other cosmetic smile issues, such as stained or chipped teeth. However, it occurs often enough that there’s a specific cosmetic treatment designed to address it and help you enjoy the straighter, more symmetrical, and more attractive smile you deserve. If your gums are uneven, we can help you… Read more »

Have a Chipped Tooth? Consider Bonding It

A chipped tooth doesn’t always seem like a big deal. It isn’t as severe as a break or fracture, and it might not cause any immediate discomfort in your tooth. Therefore, it can be easy to ignore the importance of addressing it. However, ignoring any damage to your tooth, even a seemingly minor chip in… Read more »

The Sure Way to Know if Teeth-Whitening Will Work

Teeth-whitening is a popular cosmetic dental treatment these days, but like any dental treatment, it’s important to know that it’s the right solution before you subject your teeth to it. For many reasons, this isn’t possible if you choose to whiten your smile with an over-the-counter (OTC) product rather than visiting your dentist. Today, we… Read more »

Could These Signs Be Warning You of Bruxism?

Unless you’ve heard of bruxism before, you might not think that grinding your teeth together is something to worry about. It happens to everyone to some degree, and if your teeth don’t hurt, then why bother? However, grinding your teeth constantly can be a symptom of a chronic oral health condition known as bruxism, and… Read more »

The Important Points About Scaling and Root Planing

The concept of keeping your smile clean and, therefore, healthy is a common one. So common, in fact, that we can often overlook its importance without realizing it. In many cases, that oversight can lead to heightened risks of several potentially disastrous oral health conditions, including gum disease (the leading cause of tooth loss). At… Read more »