A chipped tooth doesn’t always seem like a big deal. It isn’t as severe as a break or fracture, and it might not cause any immediate discomfort in your tooth. Therefore, it can be easy to ignore the importance of addressing it. However, ignoring any damage to your tooth, even a seemingly minor chip in it, can lead to more serious issues for your tooth and oral health later. With a conservative treatment, such as cosmetic tooth bonding, we can help you avoid such issues by restoring your tooth and smile’s appearance with little or no changes to your tooth structure.

Why you should address it soon

The most important thing to remember about fixing your chipped tooth is the sooner you do it, the better. This is true of any concern with your tooth, but fortunately, most cases of chipped teeth aren’t severe at first. This means you have a better chance at fixing your tooth with more conservative treatment than you would need for more extensive damage. While you have several different options for repairing a tooth depending on the extent of its damage, the more conservative your treatment, the better it is for the long-term health and integrity of your natural tooth structure.

What is cosmetic tooth bonding?

Cosmetic tooth bonding is a minimally invasive treatment that involves the use of customized, composite resin to repair and improve a tooth. The resin, which is made from biocompatible acrylic and quartz-like particles, is tinted to closely match the color and shade of your tooth, and once hardened, is durable enough to withstand the pressures of your bite. After we’ve placed the custom, tooth-colored resin on your tooth structure, we can sculpt and polish it to blend in almost seamlessly with your smile.

Is bonding better than other options?

The fact that bonding a tooth doesn’t require many alterations to your tooth structure is one of the most important benefits to receiving the treatment. In addition, bonding’s natural and custom appearance makes it an appealing cosmetic solution, while its durability makes it effective at restoring your chipped tooth’s health and integrity. In many cases, these qualities make tooth bonding the preferable option for restoring your chipped tooth, your smile’s appearance, and your long-term good oral health.

Fix your chipped tooth with bonding

If your tooth is chipped, it’s important to fix it as soon as possible. With tooth bonding, we can do it with minimally invasive treatment and optimal results for your tooth. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.