When it comes to keeping your teeth healthy, practicing good hygiene is the most common and well-known piece of advice. Another is to avoid certain types of foods, like those that are high in acids and sugars, to avoid harming the health and integrity of your teeth. However, there’s another important aspect of good hygiene and healthy teeth that isn’t as well-known – the need to stick to a healthy diet to help keep your teeth and their enamel well-nourished. In addition to avoiding certain harmful foods, your teeth also need you to include plenty of heathy minerals and nutrients, like calcium and vitamin D, in order to stay strong and healthy for life.

Common warnings about food and teeth

The most common connection people make between food and oral health is that sweets and carbs can increase your risks of cavities. This is because the oral bacteria that make up plaque can metabolize sugars and carbs into acids, which weaken tooth enamel when they come into contact with it. This weakening of your tooth enamel is the real threat. As the main protective barrier against bacteria that could infect your main tooth structure, enamel is the most important aspect of protecting your teeth. It’s also one of the most highly mineralized substances your body produces, and in addition to protecting it, you also have to nourish it for it to remain that strong.

What your teeth really need

The most common dental hygiene tips focus on limiting your teeth’s exposure to things that can harm them, but the point of healthy diet for your teeth is to provide them with what they need. For example, healthy tooth enamel is made almost entirely of minerals, such as calcium and phosphate. Your main tooth structure also requires plenty of essential vitamins, including A and D, to remain strong enough to bite and chew your foods. To boost your teeth’s supply of these, be sure to include plenty of milk, cheese, and other dairy products in your diet. Green, leafy vegetables and a variety of fruits can also help boost your teeth’s supply of essential minerals and nutrients.

Learn more about making your teeth healthier

Good dental hygiene isn’t the only thing your teeth need to stay healthy; your diet plays a significant role in their strength and integrity, as well. For a consistently healthy smile, be sure to include plenty of essential minerals and nutrients in your diet each day. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.