Constant teeth-grinding is often considered a serious condition, especially if you’ve been diagnosed with bruxism. However, if you don’t know that you have bruxism, or you don’t have it but still tend to grind your teeth often, the dangers you’re exposing your teeth to could be significant. Fortunately, there may be a way to alleviate the problem and lower the risks to the health and integrity of your teeth. Today, we take a look at a few ways you might be able to stop grinding your teeth, as long as your condition isn’t serious enough to require professional treatment.

At-home tips to protect your teeth

  • Start noting when you grind your teeth – You won’t know that your teeth-grinding habit is a problem unless you notice that you grind your teeth often. When you catch yourself doing it, make note of it. The more often you catch yourself, the more prepared you’ll be to consciously put a stop to it. You can even try tips such as keeping the tip of your tongue between your upper and lower front teeth to fight the urge to continue grinding your teeth.
  • Don’t chew on things besides food – A teeth-grinding habit can develop from a number of different potential reasons. However, once it becomes an ingrained habit, it’ll be much harder to put a stop to it on your own. You can prevent becoming used to it by not making the habit worse, such as by biting and chewing on things like pens, pencils, and other inedible objects. Doing so will not only make a teeth-grinding habit worse, but also increase your risks of significantly damaging your healthy tooth structure.
  • Find ways to relieve stress – For some people, teeth-grinding may not be a bruxism problem, but it can be a chronic concern due to things like excessive stress. Being in a heightened state of stress can cause most or all of the muscles in your body to remain tense. For the muscles in your jaw and bite, this can result in constantly clenching your teeth together, as well.

If your teeth-grinding is more than a habit

While these and similar tips may help you control a teeth-grinding habit, they may not suffice if your condition is the result of an underlying bruxism problem. Fortunately, you may still be able to save your teeth from extensive wear and damage with help from your dentist. In many cases, a custom-designed appliance can help stop your upper and lower teeth from grinding together, and help you avoid the damage that could result from it.

Protect your teeth from grinding

If you grind your teeth often, you may be exposing them to significant risks of wear, damage, and more. To learn more about how to stop, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.