Month: May 2020

When a Dental Crown Is Needed Most

A dental crown is one of the most recognizable forms of restorative dentistry. That’s partly because they’re also one of the oldest forms of restorative treatment, and partly because today’s crowns are so lifelike in their design that they can accomplish much more for your smile than ever before. However, not all situations that involve… Read more »

What Is Root Canal Treatment For?

Tooth decay is a common threat, but for most patients who experience it, it’s often treated before it becomes a serious one. If it’s still mild or moderate, then you may be able to fill the cavity the decay has caused and protect the rest of your tooth structure from it. However, tooth decay isn’t… Read more »

Why Tooth-Colored Fillings Are Popular for Treating Cavities

One of the reasons why tooth fillings are popular is because they’re often the most effective solution for restoring a tooth that’s affected by a cavity. As a product of tooth decay resulting from oral bacteria buildup, cavities affect a majority of people at least once in their lives, and tooth fillings are the typical… Read more »

Problems with Having Bruxism

Some of the most common dental health concerns, like tooth decay and gum disease, typically develop from the accumulation of oral bacteria. That’s why sticking to a good hygiene routine every day is essential to keeping your smile healthy. However, bruxism (or chronic teeth-grinding) doesn’t develop from oral bacteria or poor dental hygiene. Instead, bruxism… Read more »

How to Know When Gingivitis Has Become a Problem

For many people, gum disease doesn’t seem like a real and present danger to their smiles. They may recognize that it can pose a threat, but unless you’ve already developed gum disease, that threat can seem abstract and far away. However, the problem is that many people don’t realize when gingivitis has developed because they… Read more »