One of the reasons why tooth fillings are popular is because they’re often the most effective solution for restoring a tooth that’s affected by a cavity. As a product of tooth decay resulting from oral bacteria buildup, cavities affect a majority of people at least once in their lives, and tooth fillings are the typical solution for dealing with one. However, more modern, tooth-colored fillings are popular for more than their effectiveness at filling cavities, but also for their highly successful results and lifelike appearance.

What it takes to treat a cavity

A tooth filling is designed to a treat a cavity that forms in your tooth by replacing the eroded part of the tooth structure after the decay has been cleaned away. The tooth decay that causes the cavity results from oral bacteria infecting your tooth structure, and the infection of the tooth will continue to grow more severe over time. To successfully treat the decay and the cavity that it has caused, your dentist will have oral bacteria from the cavity as well as any infected tooth structure that remains. Then, the biocompatible filling can be placed within the cavity to restore its strength and integrity.

How modern tooth-fillings work

The concept of filling a cavity-stricken tooth is a time-honored solution for dealing with tooth decay. However, the specific materials and techniques used to place modern tooth fillings have evolved significantly over the years. For example, until relatively recently, the most successful fillings were crafted from metal amalgam, a mixture of metals that could help reestablish the tooth’s strength and structural integrity. Today, though, more patients choose tooth-colored fillings made from biocompatible composite resin, which more closely resemble the natural, healthy appearance of their tooth structure. In addition to its appearance, composite resin can also bond to and restore your tooth more effectively in the long run.

The benefits beyond cavity treatment

Th ability to more closely mimic your tooth structure’s appearance and restore its health is important for treating your cavity and its immediate concerns. However, the benefits of more biocompatible composite resin also include the long-term effects of the treatment on your oral health and the protection it provides your compromised tooth. Because tooth-colored resin contains no metal, it also isn’t impacted by the same physical properties, such as the tendency to change shape over time. This means your tooth filling will continue providing optimal protection and support long after your cavity has been treated.

Learn more about tooth-colored fillings

Cavities may be a common concern, but if you develop one, then you can benefit significantly from treating it with a tooth-colored filling. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.