Month: July 2020

Improving the Longevity of Your Smile

A beautiful smile can be a real asset to anyone. Feeling confident in your smile helps you to feel confident in yourself. When you like the way you look in pictures, you’ll be more likely to smile and even more likely to put yourself in social situations. What’s key is ensuring that your beautiful smile… Read more »

3 Things to Remember About Filling a Cavity

Filling a tooth cavity is something that many people will have to do at some point in their lives. The tooth decay that causes a cavity to develop is the result of actions by different types of oral bacteria inhabiting your mouth. Fortunately, decay is highly preventable, and if a cavity does develop, you have… Read more »

How Tooth Bonding Is Used Beyond Cosmetic Improvement

Whether your goal is to improve your smile’s appearance or to restore a tooth that’s structurally compromised, your dental treatment should be designed to achieve maximum results in a minimally invasive manner. This is what makes tooth bonding popular as a cosmetic dental treatment, as it can significantly improve a tooth without having to permanently… Read more »

How Your Teeth Feel When You Grind Them Too Much

When they’re strong and healthy, your teeth shouldn’t feel much. The enamel that protects them stops your teeth’s main structures from being exposed to things like hot and cold beverages, harmful oral bacteria, and more. If your teeth do start to feel more than they should, then it may be a warning that they aren’t… Read more »

Can Fluoride Really Protect Your Child’s Teeth?

When it comes to protecting your child’s teeth and oral health, there are many different tips and pieces of advice that hold merit. However, the most important thing to remember about caring for your child’s teeth is that the key is keeping their teeth strong and resilient, as well as consistently clean. Today, we examine… Read more »