Filling a tooth cavity is something that many people will have to do at some point in their lives. The tooth decay that causes a cavity to develop is the result of actions by different types of oral bacteria inhabiting your mouth. Fortunately, decay is highly preventable, and if a cavity does develop, you have a good chance of treating and recovering from it with the help of a biocompatible, tooth-colored filling. Today, we look at a few important points about filling your cavity, and why waiting too long could make the problem in your tooth much worse.

The ability to fill a cavity is time-sensitive

Tooth decay and cavities are the most frequently occurring dental health concern, but they rarely become severe because they can be conveniently and comfortably treated in their earlier stages. However, tooth decay progresses as time goes by, and the longer it takes to treat a cavity, the larger it will grow. As increasingly more of your tooth structure decays, the extent of your restorative treatment can become greater. In more severe cases of tooth decay, a filling won’t be enough to address the concern and you may require root canal treatment, instead.

Your tooth will rely on the filling for protection

The point of filling a tooth cavity is to save the tooth that’s infected with decay. This means the filling has to serve multiple goals, including restoring the tooth’s structural integrity after its decayed structure is removed. It also includes protecting the exposed part of your tooth structure against harmful oral bacteria to prevent the tooth from becoming infected once again. Tooth-colored fillings are often optimal not only for their appearance, but also the ability to bond securely to your tooth structure and create a more effective protective barrier against harmful oral bacteria.

Your filling doesn’t have to be noticeable when you smile

When patients receive traditional tooth fillings to treat their cavities, which were often made from metal amalgam, the presence of the filling could often be noticeable whenever they speak or smile. Many patients still expect this to be the case, which can cause them to hesitate to receive a tooth filling to treat their cavity. Fortunately, many of today’s dental fillings are made from more biocompatible composite resin, which doesn’t contain any metal and can be custom-tinted to blend in with your tooth’s natural, healthy appearance.

Learn more about filling your tooth’s cavity

Filling a cavity can be the best way to restore your tooth, but there are a few things you should know about the benefits of modern fillings and why you shouldn’t wait to receive one. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.