Month: September 2020

The More Serious Nature of Root Canal Treatment

Some of the greatest potential threats to your oral health stem from seemingly minor conditions that don’t appear that serious at first. Tooth decay, which is the most common oral health concern for adults, is one such condition. Most often, it’s treated in its mild or moderate stages, when it can still be addressed by… Read more »

When a Cavity Can’t Be Treated with a Tooth Filling

Tooth decay is still a common problem for people of all ages, but the cavities they form aren’t always as big of a threat as they used to be. That’s only true when cavities are treated with modern, personalized restorative treatment, which often takes the form of a customized tooth filling to restore a cavity-stricken… Read more »

Could Veneers Work for Improving Your Smile?

You may not always be completely happy with your smile’s appearance, but sometimes, the issues that affect it can be more than just a nuisance. For some people, the right smile improvement plan is essential to helping them regain their confidence in their smile and overall appearance, and as a result, a healthier quality of… Read more »

Why It’s Worth Fixing a Gummy Smile

A gummy smile may or may not seem like a significant concern, depending on how severe it is. However, there’s more to consider about the alignment of your gum tissues than just how they look. For patients who exhibit a gummy smile, even if the condition seems minor, it’s often more worth fixing the problem… Read more »