Month: October 2020

Three Ways Tooth Fillings Can Protect Your Smile

Despite keeping up with traditional and routine good oral health habits such as brushing and flossing, cavities can still form and cause a threat to the health of your smile. If you are not receiving regular examinations and cleanings, these cavities can progress and get worse to a point that a regular filling will not… Read more »

How Do You Deal with Gingivitis?

Gingivitis is the beginning stage of gum disease, which is one of the most frequent chronic oral health concerns for adults. It’s also one of the most important reasons why your daily dental hygiene routine matters so much. Gingivitis results from an excessive buildup of oral bacteria along your gum line, which allows some of… Read more »

Tooth Extraction – When Removing a Tooth Is the Best Idea

For most potential problems that could impact your healthy, natural teeth, the best way to address them is typically the way that allows you to preserve most of your healthy, natural structure. This can sometimes make it confusing when a condition is so severe that your dentist recommends extracting the rest of your tooth structure,… Read more »

What to Consider About Dealing with Tooth Loss

If you lose one or more teeth, or have to undergo tooth extraction to deal with a severe problem, then it’s important to replace it in order to restore your smile. However, in addition to the loss of your tooth itself, there are other considerations that may have an effect on how, exactly, you deal… Read more »

3 Things a Dental Crown May Be Best For

When your tooth experiences a problem with its structure that’s too significant for cosmetic treatment to address, customizing the right restoration can serve several important purposes. Most importantly, your tooth won’t heal or repair itself, and restoring it is the only way to preserve the undamaged part of its natural structure. In many cases, the… Read more »