When your tooth experiences a problem with its structure that’s too significant for cosmetic treatment to address, customizing the right restoration can serve several important purposes. Most importantly, your tooth won’t heal or repair itself, and restoring it is the only way to preserve the undamaged part of its natural structure. In many cases, the most appropriate and effective solution is to cap the damaged tooth with a dental crown, which can replicate the tooth’s entire visible crown structure and restore its good health and function.

1. Restoring your tooth’s structural integrity

When a tooth becomes damaged, the impact of that damage can differ according to how sever the damage is. In most cases, however, any level of damage can negatively impact the tooth’s structural integrity. This means the tooth will be weaker overall, which can impact your bite’s function and make the tooth more susceptible to further damage, or worse. By capping the tooth with a custom-designed dental crown, we can help it regain its strength, in turn helping you preserve the remaining tooth structure more effectively.

2. Preserving the rest of the tooth’s healthy structure

When your tooth becomes damaged, the risk of it becoming even more damaged is immediately heightened. When restoring your tooth, one of the most important goals is to prevent this from occurring and avoiding the potentially more serious consequences that it can have on your oral health and bite function. Today’s dental crowns are often designed to closely match the size, shape, and contour of your healthy, natural tooth’s crown, which allows it to more effectively restore and preserve the tooth while also restoring its ability to function properly.

3. Reestablishing your bite’s full ability to function

Every one of your teeth plays an important role in your bite’s function, and the overall balance of your bite is one of the more significant areas to be affected by a significantly damaged tooth. On one hand, this may strain the joints and muscles that control your bite movement. On the other hand, it can also make biting and chewing your food, speaking clearly, and other daily tasks uncomfortable and difficult. Restoring your tooth with a dental crown allows it to once again function properly in all of its important roles.

Learn if a dental crown is best for your tooth

Dental crowns are highly versatile, and can accomplish several important goals when it comes to restoring and preserving your healthy, natural tooth structure. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.