Young indian man wearing red elegant shirt standing over isolated grey background with hands together and crossed fingers smiling relaxed and cheerful. Success and optimisticMany individuals take great pride in their smile, while others may not be completely satisfied with how it cosmetically appears. Fortunately, if you are concerned with stains or light chips that blemish your smile, the solution to solving the matter could be very simple. Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM can help you cosmetically enhance your grin to give a preferred look through the simple process of creating and placing porcelain veneers.

Unsightly Blemishes

Over the course of our lifetimes, smiles endure a great deal of circumstances. In fact, many factors contribute to the quality of our teeth, including diet and types of foods or drinks ingested, hygiene habits, physical accidents or injuries, and more. With this in mind, it is only natural that our oral structures may endure fading in color or yellowing due to stains and so on. Not only can it cosmetically hinder your appearance, but it can cause a decrease in confidence in your grin as well. If you are one of the many people who experience this phenomenon, however, you may benefit from the cost-effective and simple treatment of receiving porcelain veneers.

A porcelain veneer is essentially a thin layer of dental porcelain that can be placed over a tooth. Not only do they perfect the appearance of a smile, they can also provide a layer of protection from damage. They are created to mimic your natural looking teeth, and can be placed in one visit. For more information about the process behind creating and placing a veneer, contact our office today.

A Natural-Looking Smile

The benefits of receiving porcelain veneers also include the life-like appearance. The dental porcelain used mimics the natural appearance and texture of a tooth, including any ridges present, and is detailed to match the shape of your teeth. They are then secured to your grin with the use of dental cement after a small amount of enamel contouring, and can provide an added layer of protection from outside damage such as foods or drinks that contain a high acid content like coffee and orange juice.

How They Can Help

When you consider this cosmetic process, keep in mind the goals you are hoping to accomplish. Veneers can be utilized to address a myriad of dental concerns that impact your appearance, including severe discoloration, closing noticeable gaps between teeth, restoring chipped or cracked teeth, improving shape and appearance, and more. Not only this, but their precise and specific design provide a layer of protection from adhering plaque so as to keep your grin happy and bright.

Learn More Today

Stains and chips occur naturally, but there are options to combat any unwanted blemishes plaquing your beautiful beam. To schedule your appointment with our Silver City, NM team, contact Silver Smiles today by calling (575) 534-3699.