Closed curettage: Scaling and root planing (conventional periodontal therapy). Medically accurate 3D illustration of human teeth treatmentEvery tooth is comprised of two main parts – the root and the crown. While the crown assists in biting and chewing, the root actually stabilizes the tooth and helps to absorb the stress of your bite. Without a strong base, a crown would not be secure and could not function properly. When diseases and infection such as periodontal disease inhabit your mouth, however, it causes a separation between teeth and the gums that house them, ultimately resulting in loosening teeth and even loss. Fortunately, your Silver City, NM dentist at Silver Smiles can prevent this phenomenon from occurring by providing a deep clean with scaling and root planing.

Removing Difficult Bacteria

Harmful bacteria are present in the mouth, and it is up to your dentist and your preventive steps you take at home to keep them at bay. At times, however, these bacteria nestle below the surface of the gums for added protection and make a home on the lower portions of your teeth. Since it is extremely difficult and dangers to remove them on your own, they are essentially allowed to thrive. If this problem is not addressed effectively, it could result in the development of gum disease, infections, and other concerns. To combat this, your dentist may recommend a scaling and planing procedure.

Smoothing Your Root’s Surface

Because a periodontal cleaning requires your dentist to clean beneath the surface, keep in mind that the procedure itself will take some planning and more than one visit. Your dentist will work with you beforehand to create a schedule and plan that works best for you. The procedure will begin with your dentist scaling the roots of your teeth in order to thoroughly but carefully remove deposits of harmful bacteria. Following this, we will smooth out and polish the surface to ensure bacteria do not reattach as easily in a process known as root planing. Once all sections of the mouth are complete, you will be on your way!

Preventing Future Harm

While it is imperative to practice excellent habits at home such as brushing and flossing, bear in mind that routine examinations are a necessary step in your overall oral health regimen, as this provides the dentist an opportunity to identify potential concerns early enough to treat them effectively. Every once in a while, an adult can benefit from a procedure such as a periodontal cleaning in order to prevent diseases such as gum disease and so on. For more information, contact our team today.

Schedule Your Appointment

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