Orthodontic trainer with frame for correction of maxillary anomalies for children.Attempting to stay above the curve by practicing excellent oral health habits is often many people’s goal.  Indeed, the need for extensive restorative procedures to combat severe decay and infection are often considered the biggest threat to a perfect, lifelong grin. For some individuals, however, chronic teeth grinding can cause the development of a bite dysfunction to assume that role, making it difficult for people to open their mouths correctly or experience significant pain. In today’s blog, your Silver City, NM dentist will discuss the ways our office can help you address your TMJ disorder with the help of a hand-crafted custom appliance.

How Clenching Causes Damage

Typically, the path to bite dysfunction often includes incessant teeth grinding. This phenomenon, known as bruxism, occurs when an individual clenches their teeth together and moves the lower mandible from side-to-side. When you do this, what is happening is that your oral structures are damaging each other by rubbing away portions of the surface, causing them to become worn down. This not only weakens each tooth, but increases your chances of developing infections and decay caused by harmful oral bacteria that inhabit the weakened tooth. Additionally, you can experience a tense jaw, difficulties biting, chewing, and opening the mouth, as well as moderate to severe pain. If you suspect this is occurring to you, make sure you contact our office immediately to learn about your options.

Intense Popping or Clicking

The biggest concern that accompanies grinding is not infection, however, but the development of a bite dysfunction that could severely damage your tissues and function. This condition, known as TMJ disorder, occurs when the jaw and the two temporomandibular joints (TMJ’s) in which your lower mandible hinges become misaligned. As this occurs, your jaw may begin to pop or click as it attempts to correct the situation. What’s more, you may experience difficulties opening the mouth, eating, intense pain and tension, and even significant damage to the joints and tissues if you do not seek help in a timely manner. For more information, contact our team today.

A Guided Solution

While the effects of bruxism are a serious concern, you can still have the phenomenon treated with the help of a dental appliance. If you are experiencing TMJ disorder, your dentist may help guide your jaw back into your TMJ’s utilizing splint therapy to ensure comfort and a safe recovery. Additionally, your bruxism condition can be lessened with the help of a custom mouthguard that is specifically designed to fit in your mouth comfortably and protect your natural teeth from harm. For more information, contact our office.

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While decay and disease are often the primary concern, bite dysfunction is also not to be taken lightly. Contact Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM by calling 575-534-3699 to learn how our team can restore your function with a custom dental appliance.