Teeth and dental implant isolated on green background. 3d illustrationWhile you may believe that brushing your teeth regularly is enough to stop the destruction caused by harmful oral bacteria and guarantee a lifelong smile, reality states otherwise. In fact, the standard oral health regimen consists of a natural balance of brushing and flossing at home, attending routine checkups and cleanings, and paying close attention to the types of foods and beverages consumed in order to avoid concerns such as cavities, internal infections, and more. In today’s blog, your Silver City, NM dentist will explain the importance of replacing missing structures and how dental implants can improve the structure and function of your grin.

Why You Should Replace A Missing Tooth

For most, the first thought to come to mind when they hear the phrase “adult tooth loss” is the noticeable gap that will take its place. Indeed, a gap can be a tremendous cosmetic blemish that causes you to feel less secure about your appearance, possibly even causing you to hide it altogether.

While this is a concern to take into account, it is far from the worst that can arise. In fact, a number of structural and functional difficulties become present when a tooth is not replaced. Take, for example, simply eating a meal. Normally, your grin is able to properly absorb the pressure of your bite because the roots of your teeth are securely embedded into the jaw. When you lose one, however, your bite must readjust in order to accommodate the lost structure, causing unevenness and strain. What’s more, this notion can result in difficulty biting and chewing, problems with enunciation, and even mild to moderate discomfort. What’s more, over time the section of bone that previously housed a root will begin to deteriorate and significantly impact your chances for a successful dental implant procedure without the need for more extensive processes first. For more information, contact our team today.

Several Missing Teeth

When you come in for your treatment, your dentist will begin by strategically placing your biocompatible post into the jaw. Once the bone has healed around the implant and a custom crown restoration is placed on top, it will be able to properly absorb the pressure of your bite and thus, restore your function. In the event of several or even all missing teeth, we also have versatility in methods that can accommodate any number of missing structures, such as the All-On-4 implant-retained dentures.

Constructing a New Smile

Aside from the way implants benefit your grin functionally and structurally, your custom restoration can be created with a lifelike appearance. They are created from a material that closely mimics the natural appearance of your teeth, down to the texture, shape, and even shade. In other words, you will once again be able to enjoy the effects of a full and complete smile that looks natural.

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