Flat lay composition with smiling face made of toothpaste on color backgroundAs one of the most common dental concerns that is out there, dental decay can cause severe damage if it is not properly treated. It may start off as a harmless concern that can be easily addressed, but the longer you put off attending your office visit, the worse your condition may become. In today’s blog, your Silver City, NM dentist would like to take a look at the manner in which decay progresses and affects your smile, as well as treatments our office can offer along the way.

Microorganisms at Work

Concerns such as periodontal disease, tooth loss, and more are often the result of harmful bacteria wreaking havoc on your teeth. Indeed, it is true that every smile contains bacteria, but attempting to rid them all is virtually impossible. Because of this, our next best course of action is to attend our dental visits and practice excellent care at home to keep them at bay.

When oral bacteria successfully find a place to thrive and remain protected, they begin to feed off of the sugars and food particles you consume, which in turn causes them to produce a harmful acid. This acid acts as a catalyst in weakening your oral structures, and over time, will result in a hole known as a cavity.

Cavities are one of the earliest forms of decay, and can be treated successfully with a composite resin filling if acted upon in a timely manner. During this process, your dentist will carefully clean and remove the infected portions of the tooth, then fill the opening with a composite resin, restoring your tooth and your grin.

Infection Within a Structure

While it can be difficult to identify a cavity on one’s own, your dentist can help ensure minor concerns do not develop into major ones during your routine checkup. Time is of the essence, however, meaning that decay can progress past the point that a filling will be helpful. When this occurs, your next best step is to seek a root canal treatment, as the infection will have likely spread internally. During this stage of the process, you will begin to experience difficulty in oral function as well as sharp pain due to the bacteria affecting your inner dental pulp and nerves.

Potential for Tooth Loss

As decay continues to spread, it will eventually take control of an entire tooth, compromising the structure and rendering it beyond saving. At this point, your next best step is likely extraction in order to save your remaining teeth from the same fate.

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