It is always our first choice to preserve every tooth in your smile. You can do your part with dedicated brushing and flossing at home, and by not using your teeth as tools, when it comes to opening packages or chewing on ice, pencils or other hard objects. You can also help protect teeth by attending dental checkups and cleanings regularly, so we can help keep an eye on any issues that arise. There are times, however, when tooth extraction in Silver City, NM is the best answer for preserving your overall oral health. We can also design a plan to replace the missing tooth or teeth, and restore your smile.

When A Tooth Can’t Be Saved: Planned Extraction

Sometimes a tooth can suffer a deep crack or cavity, and even restorative treatments such as a dental filling or crown may not be enough to save it. In that case, a planned extraction can allow a caring oral surgeon to form a plan to both extract the troublesome tooth, and replace the tooth it to preserve your smile. Replacement may be in the form of a dental implant, a traditional or implant bridge, or some other option. 

When A Tooth Can’t Be Saved: Accidents

If you have suffered trauma to your mouth, it is often a true dental emergency. Sometimes tooth loss can occur when a child is playing, during a sport event, in a car accident, or in any number of situations. If you can, gather up the tooth and any attached material and place it gently back in the socket. Whether or not that is possible, remain calm and call our office immediately, so we can advise you.

When A Tooth Can’t Be Saved: Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth (also called third molars) usually erupt in the late teens and early 20s, but as human jaw size has changed, and dental health has improved, many times there is not space for them to emerge. Digital X-rays and regular checkups help us keep an eye on things, and if you or your child will need wisdom tooth intervention, we can help you schedule the oral surgery as conveniently as possible.

You Still Have Options, Even When A Tooth Must Be Extracted 

When a tooth has suffered damage, or needs to be removed for some other reason, there are steps you can take to preserve the health and comfort of your smile. To learn more about planned tooth extractions, or dealing with one or more missing teeth, contact Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM by calling 575-534-3699 and schedule your appointment today.