germs destroying a schematic tooth section. 3d image.From the moment you are born and well into adulthood, your smile becomes subject to the wear and tear of countless oral health concerns. Indeed, from TMJ Disorder and bruxism to tooth decay and infection, there is hardly anything out there that does not pose harm to your smile. Still, it is important to recognize when you should seek treatment and what your best options are. Fortunately, restorative dentistry can help. In today’s blog, your Silver City, NM dentist takes a look at what happens when decay sets in, as well as how root canal therapy can mitigate this damage.

Common Effects of Decay

Tooth decay, like countless other oral health concerns, is due to hyperactive oral bacteria that wreak havoc on your grin. These bacteria lurk in the recesses of the mouth, where they feed off of food particles and sugars we consume. Certain items such as sugars cause these microorganisms to secrete a destructive acid that aids in the breakdown of your natural layer of dental enamel. Once this layer is gone, it will not come back. Indeed, this exposes your tooth to a barrage of concerns, and thus decay begins.

In its earliest stages, dental decay presents as a small hole in a tooth known as a cavity. More often than not, these concerns are treated simply and effectively with the help of a composite resin filling. As the infection progresses, however, your condition will become worse, and you face the possibility of a failed restoration.

When decay progresses, it begins to work its way into the inner pulp and canals of your teeth. Here, it causes damage to your nerves, and you will begin to notice a few telltale signs there is a much bigger problem on your hands. Contact our office to learn more about this process today.

Mitigating Damage

Once the infection spreads to your inner tooth roots, there is only a short window of time that you can receive treatment without having to consider getting a tooth removed. Indeed, root canal therapy involves removing the infected dental pulp from inside the tooth and cleaning the area thoroughly, then filling the vacant canals with dental material so as to provide reinforcement and protection. To learn more about this process and how our team can help, give our office a call today.

Treating Natural Structures

It goes without saying the last thing you want is to lose a natural tooth, and when it comes to significant dental decay, the longer you wait, the worse off your situation will be. That is why our team is dedicated to providing efficient and effective treatment so that you can ideally maintain your natural smile for life.

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