Overview of dental caries prevention.Woman at the dentist's chair during a dental procedure. Beautiful Woman smile close up. Healthy Smile. Beautiful Female SmileYour smile endures a significant amount of wear and tear over the course of your life, rendering it on the defensive pretty much all of the time. Indeed, you must consider periodontal concerns, tooth decay, infection, and so much more when providing care for your grin, and falling short in any one category is all it takes for oral bacteria to nestle in and begin wreaking havoc. In today’s blog, your Silver City, NM dentist discusses the need for regular preventive checkups, as well as what you can expect from your visit.

A Major Tenet of Prevention

When asked about their dental routine, most patients are quick to identify the importance of brushing their teeth. While this is, indeed, a very important step in the process, it is important to note that there are more things to consider when caring for your grin. After all, your oral health is influenced by various aspects that comprise your oral cavity, and failing to address these other aspects leaves a significant amount of room for bacteria and other issues to complicate the matter.

That being said, a good rule of thumb to follow for thorough prevention is to address as many structures as possible. This can be accomplished by taking care to brush twice daily, floss after meals, learn about the way foods and other substances interact with your grin, and attend regular dental checkups and cleanings.

Though many steps are to be handled at home, the one that must be performed in the office is an important one not to miss. You see, your checkup serves an important role in providing expert and professional care so as to closely identify any concerns or potential concerns your smile may be facing. For more information about this process, reach out to our team today.

What is Covered?

When you come in for your routine examination, our team will first take a few x-rays to get a better idea of any major issues that may be occurring. From here, we will perform a formal examination that allows us to check your mouth for any signs of damage, decay, infection, trauma, or any other concern. After this, we will perform a gentle cleaning to remove difficult deposits of plaque and finish off your visit by polishing your pearly whites.

Why Twice a Year?

Most dental offices recommend attending your checkup twice a year, or once every six months. The purpose for this is because it is an ample amount of time between visits with which minor concerns can be monitored so they do not develop into major ones.

Schedule Your Visit

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