Smile Care: Getting Your Second Wind In 2019

Yes, as a brand new year begins, you may find yourself riding on the lovely momentum that comes from a ton of motivation, excitement, an inspiration in anticipation of a new chapter! However, by the time January is nearly through, it’s very possible that the bubble has burst and you aren’t exactly going full-steam ahead with those resolutions of yours! If you had some smile care related details on your 2019 list of goals that have begun to feel not so reachable, our Silver City, NM team is happy to help you get right back on track with a second wind that promises a wonderful year for your grin!


Teeth Whitening: Answers, Benefits, Concerns

Teeth whitening is something that crosses most patients’ minds at one time or another. Unless you’re extremely lucky and you just don’t seem to develop any type of discoloration, then you may wonder about whitening and whether it could work for you, what the results with be like, and more. Since it’s a simple, popular, and effective service that so many individuals would love to know more about, our Silver City, NM team would like to help you out with some essential and factual information regarding the how, why, and more behind this cosmetic treatment!


Very Good Reasons To Set Up Your Next Cleaning (Soon)

If you were to ask us why it’s a good idea to call us up soon to schedule your next dental cleaning, we could go on and on (and on) about the amazing benefits of cleanings. However, when it comes to giving yourself the motivation you need to pick that phone up to let us know you’re ready for your preventive care visit, we know that you just need a few extremely inspiring morsels of information. The lovely news is that while we could certainly come up with a list a mile long of reasons to get your visit on the books, our Silver City, NM team is also more than happy to offer you a few bursts of compelling things to consider!


3 Modern Things You’re Not Doing Due To Yellowing

Are there some of-the-moment things that you’d really love to participate in but … you just can’t bring yourself to do it? When we’re talking about today’s obsession with taking photos and documenting just about every moment (as well as improving our ability to communicate one another), it often means your smile is going to be front and center. If you’re not comfortable with your smile due to discoloration, then you may find that you’re not joining in the fun as a result. What to do? Well, our Silver City, NM team suggests you fix the issue with ease by seeing us for teeth whitening! Not sure exactly what we’re talking about but you’re definitely hiding your grin? Find out more.


After Tooth Extraction, What Comes Next?

Learning that you have to have a tooth extracted might not be a huge surprise, especially if the tooth has given you trouble for quite some time. However, simply extracting the tooth may not be all that you need to fully restore your smile. At our Silver City, NM, dental office, we not only extract troublesome teeth, but can also replace the extracted tooth to completely restore your smile’s optimal health and beautiful appearance. (more…)

Why A Family Dentist Might Be Right For You

Have you heard the term “family dentist” and wondered if that applies to you? Families take many different forms, or maybe you are a single person or part of a couple. Would you still be welcome? Of course! If you are looking for dental care in Silver Springs, NM, the overall care and knowledge provided by a family dental practice can be ideal. Not only will a family dentist provide preventive care to keep teeth healthy, but family dentists provide specialized restorative and cosmetic care for all ages, as well. (more…)

Reasons You’re Brushing Far Too Hard (And How Not To)

You may already know that when you’re brushing too hard, you’re doing a disservice to your oral health. Overly aggressive brushing is an issue that can cause multiple problems for your smile, including the breakdown of your tooth’s outer, protective layer that we know as enamel, in addition to receding gums. The bigger problem here, though, is that you may not really know why you’re brushing so hard (and you may not realize you’re doing it). By considering some reasons our Silver City, NM practice would like to share with you (and how to brush with a gentler touch), you can get right back to much more beneficial dental hygiene!


A Very Healthy Smile: The Preparatory Steps You Need!

When what you want is a very healthy smile, which is usually what all of our Silver City, NM patients want, there’s not really any uncertainty about what you need to do. That is, there’s no wiggle room regarding the particulars. There very well may be some uncertainty on your side of things if you don’t feel clear about the requirements. Fortunately, you have access to our team of dental professionals who will be more than happy to guide you, so you know just what you need to do (as well as when and how to do it) to maintain excellent oral health.


How To Achieve Your Whiter Smile In 2019

You may be wondering how to end up with the beautiful and sparkling white smile you’ve wanted so long. You may have also decided that a very sound and achievable goal is to figure out how to make this happen once the new year arrives. We couldn’t agree more! However, we know that you may not have attained that lovely, bright smile yet because, though you have the best of intentions, you’re simply not certain about how to make it happen! This is perfectly normal! Let our Silver City, NM team help you, so you’ve got the teeth whitening know-how you need to see a winter-white grin when you glance in the mirror in 2019.


Resolutions For The New Year! Hint: They’re Easy.

We know that you might have lots of ideas about resolutions for the New Year and you may not have gotten around to considering your dental care just yet. However, as we like to do everything that we can to help you build a wonderful foundation for excellent oral health, our Silver City, NM team would love to share some easy hints with you! Remember that feeling that you’re doing your best for your smile isn’t about huge, dramatic actions or changes. It’s mostly about consistency and coming to us for the professional care you need. Now, for those hints you might need when 2019 arrives…