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Veneers: Are They An Amazing Choice For Your Grin?

One of the things you know without a doubt about porcelain veneers is that they are amazing for many individuals because they offer so many improvements! However, one of the things (the very important things, no less) that you may not feel so certain about: Whether veneers are an amazing choice for you! Of course,… Read more »

Do You Want A Prettier Smile? Start This Summer!

When is the best time to rely on cosmetic dentistry in order to achieve a smile that actually makes you, well, smile? The truth is, any time of year is a wonderful time to get started with the changes that will make you feel very happy with your grin’s appearance. However, as we’re inching our… Read more »

5 Things To Remember: About Teeth Whitening!

Have you been thinking about saying “see you later” to your discolored smile, as you welcome in a newly brightened smile? Are you aware that we offer teeth whitening and that it might be right for you but as for the details that surround whitening and your expectations, you feel like you’re probably falling very… Read more »

Smile Stains: When You’re “Clearly” Mistaken!

There are some things you may be assuming about protecting your smile from stains that you could be getting wrong! Unfortunately, you might think that just because certain drinks are quite light or clear that they cannot possibly be contributing to the development of discoloration. The truth is, sometimes, they are culprits! So, how can… Read more »

DIY Dental Care: Avoid It Completely!

Aside from dental hygiene, of course, and making good choices for your oral health when you’re out in the world, away from our Silver City, NM dental practice, we remind you: It’s pretty much never a wise choice to take dental care into your own hands. Yes, you may see a lot of options out… Read more »

Stains You’re Not Sure How To Treat

If you have conversations with us about teeth staining, then you hear quite frequently that just about anyone can end up experiencing it because your smile is in constant use! Like anything else, some amount of wear and tear is to be expected. While patients generally feel comfortable seeking our cosmetic care assistance for this… Read more »

Smile Care: Getting Your Second Wind In 2019

Yes, as a brand new year begins, you may find yourself riding on the lovely momentum that comes from a ton of motivation, excitement, an inspiration in anticipation of a new chapter! However, by the time January is nearly through, it’s very possible that the bubble has burst and you aren’t exactly going full-steam ahead… Read more »

Teeth Whitening: Answers, Benefits, Concerns

Teeth whitening is something that crosses most patients’ minds at one time or another. Unless you’re extremely lucky and you just don’t seem to develop any type of discoloration, then you may wonder about whitening and whether it could work for you, what the results with be like, and more. Since it’s a simple, popular, and… Read more »

3 Modern Things You’re Not Doing Due To Yellowing

Are there some of-the-moment things that you’d really love to participate in but … you just can’t bring yourself to do it? When we’re talking about today’s obsession with taking photos and documenting just about every moment (as well as improving our ability to communicate one another), it often means your smile is going to… Read more »

How To Achieve Your Whiter Smile In 2019

You may be wondering how to end up with the beautiful and sparkling white smile you’ve wanted so long. You may have also decided that a very sound and achievable goal is to figure out how to make this happen once the new year arrives. We couldn’t agree more! However, we know that you may… Read more »