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The Important Points About Scaling and Root Planing

The concept of keeping your smile clean and, therefore, healthy is a common one. So common, in fact, that we can often overlook its importance without realizing it. In many cases, that oversight can lead to heightened risks of several potentially disastrous oral health conditions, including gum disease (the leading cause of tooth loss). At… Read more »

Holiday Gifts For Your Sensitive Smile! 

Do you have what you generally refer to as a sensitive smile and it’s just part of who you are (as verified by our Silver City, NM team)? Or, is this dental sensitivity a new thing for you and you’re starting to realize it’s probably something that requires your (immediate) attention because it definitely doesn’t… Read more »

Listen To Your Gums For Oral Health Protection! 

You are certainly correct if you’re thinking to yourself, “My gums don’t talk to me or make noises!” However, we remind you that when you figuratively “listen to” or interpret the signals you’re being provided by your smile, when it comes to your gingival tissue, you can often quickly snap into action when our care… Read more »

When The Smile Care Answer Is “Whatever You Prefer!” 

There are often some very specific, correct answers to your questions about smile care, which may lead you to believe there’s probably always a right and a wrong choice. However, our Silver City, NM team is pleased to remind you that there are certainly moments throughout your oral health care journey that will be much… Read more »

Water And Your Oral Health: When To Embrace It! 

In short, you should always embrace water! It’s pretty much always good for your oral health. With that said, however, you may be wondering if there are some specific times you’re overlooking during which water is a helpful suggestion, if not practically magical, for assisting you in keeping your oral environment clean and safe! Fortunately,… Read more »

No, That Smile Care Approach Isn’t Weird! 

We know that though there are some particular guidelines we present our patients for optimal oral health, it doesn’t mean everyone is going to do things just the same. However, from your side of things, you may occasionally worry that we have specific expectations. Here’s what our Silver City, NM team would love for you… Read more »

Autumn Announcement: Don’t “Fall” Short Of Your Smile Goals!

Yes! We made it to autumn, which means so many happy times ahead, so much delicious food, so many parties, so many sweaters to wear! Then, of course, in addition to the fun festivities headed your way, there are some details to consider in terms of your smile! So, what is it that you need… Read more »

Worries You Can Remove With Simple Dental Care

You may occasionally realize that you feel you’re not in control of your smile in the least. You assume cavities just happen, that a beautiful smile is purely luck of the draw, and that good or bad breath is a mystery. However, the truth behind these and all other smile-related worries is that you actually… Read more »

Smile Care: What Is “Masking” Problems And Why Is It Bad?

When you hear that it’s better to treat a problem than to mask symptoms, you may not really understand what we mean by that. As a result, you may wonder if you’ve been doing it, what the alternative is, and how you should be going about your dental care in a different, more beneficial way…. Read more »

Common Causes Of Hand Cramps When Brushing! 

Over the course of your lifetime, you may find that you occasionally deal with an issue here, and another there, in relation to your dental hygiene experience. Most of the time, it’s all smooth sailing! However, what to do when a sudden and frustrating obstacle shows up, such as dealing with hand cramps, while brushing… Read more »