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3 Things That Flossing Supports

The main parts of your preventive dental care include your brushing at home, your flossing at home, and your cleanings and checkups with our Silver City, NM team! While you may feel perfectly steadfast in your dedication to brushing twice every day and even seeing us twice a year, there may be one little part… Read more »

Your Dental Hygiene Collection: What You (Should) Have 

There are those things you already know you should have in your dental hygiene collection. Since you’re aware of them and since you’re probably taking pretty good care of your smile, you probably already have them! With that said, you might not have the better of the options available to you (so our Silver City,… Read more »

Smile Care: Out Of Sight Out Of Mind! 

For some, the single biggest challenge with smile care is simply forgetting about it. You may think to yourself, “I really do care, I don’t know why I cannot remember to take care of my smile!” which, of course, makes you feel bad but doesn’t help the situation. So, what to do, you wonder? If… Read more »

Dental Care: Throw It Out? Or Not?

You might not feel like you know exactly what to do about certain dental care products as you scan the collection you’ve gathered in your bathroom. For instance, you really love your most recent toothbrush and you ask yourself whether you should just keep it until it’s technically falling apart. You may wonder about the… Read more »

Important Reminders About Caring For Your Tongue!

You may spend some serious time and effort keeping your smile safe by caring for your teeth and caring for your gums. However, when it comes to your tongue, this part of your oral health may be something you tend to overlook or forget about. Does it require a whole lot of attention? Nope! This… Read more »

Tooth Decay: Proactive Tips For Prevention

You don’t necessarily always feel like doing what it takes to prevent cavities. However, when you realize that tooth decay will cause you to require a dental filling or a crown, that overlooked decay can really damage your tooth and lead to infection, and that keeping decay from forming is actually very simple, well …… Read more »

Bad Breath: 3 Things You Are Missing

It’s not just a little bit embarrassing to deal with bad breath. Instead, it can be an overwhelming problem in your life that causes you to feel that when you speak, you have to cover your mouth with your hand or that you need to try to distance yourself from others. Since this added stress… Read more »

Reminders: Why Skipping Flossing Is So Dangerous!

Guess what? Skipping the flossing part of your dental hygiene isn’t just something that you feel guilty about because you realize you should be doing it and then leave it at that. Instead, it’s something that can have an actual, serious effect on the health of your smile. Did you know that even if you’re doing… Read more »

Dental Care: For Today, Every Year, And More

We like to review your dental care with you to help you put things into easy to digest categories. The easier it is to create structure associated with your smile, the easier it can be to keep up with the different areas of care that you need (and that you might want). While different personalities… Read more »

Reasons You’re Brushing Far Too Hard (And How Not To)

You may already know that when you’re brushing too hard, you’re doing a disservice to your oral health. Overly aggressive brushing is an issue that can cause multiple problems for your smile, including the breakdown of your tooth’s outer, protective layer that we know as enamel, in addition to receding gums. The bigger problem here,… Read more »