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What To Know About Wisdom Teeth Treatment

Human jaw with wisdom teeth side view. Abnormal eruption of the teeth, dental problem. Vector illustration in cartoon style

It goes without saying that caring for your smile requires consistency. After all, oral bacteria and germs begin to target your health the moment your first tooth arrives, and this process continues well into adulthood. As such, your dentist recommends a thorough preventive care routine at home to ensure a healthy grin. Even still, sometimes… Read more »

You Need To Replace Missing Teeth

3d render of dental implants in gums over white background

Taking care of your smile is a lifelong process. After all, your teeth and other oral structures are constantly fending off a variety of oral health threats and the least we can do is provide consistent treatment and care. Unfortunately, however, not all smiles last a lifetime, and sometimes tooth loss is imminent. While this… Read more »

Things To Know About TMJ Disorder

Doctor shows patient during consultation on human skull temporomandibular joint as the cause of pain in joint, face, ear and location of disease called temporomandibular joint dysfunction

An effective preventive dental routine is vital to your overall, lifelong smile care. This means more than just brushing your teeth in the morning, and instead, should include steps that target all aspects of your oral cavity. In other words, the more involved your routine is, the better the results will be. Even still, it… Read more »

How Bacteria Infects Your Tooth Roots

Chalk drawing of a tooth with medical term root canal. Concept of learning stomatology.

Oral health concerns such as teeth-grinding, dental decay or infection, and everything else in-between all pose significant threats to your smile, especially if they are left untreated. What’s more? There are only so many practices you can take part in to ensure your smile is taken care of, and even still, there is no guarantee… Read more »

Three Ways Teeth Can Be Replaced

Maintaining a healthy smile for life can become a difficult endeavor, especially considering the impact that countless sources of complications may have on it. While the goal is to keep the smile you have worked so hard to protect, sometimes life has other plans, and oral bacteria can cause severe damage or destruction. In cases… Read more »

Tooth Extraction – When Removing a Tooth Is the Best Idea

For most potential problems that could impact your healthy, natural teeth, the best way to address them is typically the way that allows you to preserve most of your healthy, natural structure. This can sometimes make it confusing when a condition is so severe that your dentist recommends extracting the rest of your tooth structure,… Read more »

After Tooth Extraction, What Comes Next?

Learning that you have to have a tooth extracted might not be a huge surprise, especially if the tooth has given you trouble for quite some time. However, simply extracting the tooth may not be all that you need to fully restore your smile. At our Silver City, NM, dental office, we not only extract… Read more »