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How Decay Can Damage Your Nerves

The concept of tooth loss as an adult is a frightening experience, as unlike with childhood, our adult teeth will not come back once gone. Because this is such a permanent experience, your dentist recommends taking part in excellent preventive habits at home, including brushing and flossing regularly as well as attending routine dental appointments…. Read more »

When A Tooth Can’t Be Saved: What To Do Next

It is always our first choice to preserve every tooth in your smile. You can do your part with dedicated brushing and flossing at home, and by not using your teeth as tools, when it comes to opening packages or chewing on ice, pencils or other hard objects. You can also help protect teeth by… Read more »

What To Know About The Spread Of Decay

As one of the most common dental concerns that is out there, dental decay can cause severe damage if it is not properly treated. It may start off as a harmless concern that can be easily addressed, but the longer you put off attending your office visit, the worse your condition may become. In today’s… Read more »

Lifelike Solutions to Address Your Cavity

A wonderful benefit of cosmetic dental procedures includes their ability to mimic that natural appearance of teeth and ultimately provide a lifelike result. A common misconception that people may have, however, is that a natural finish is exclusive only to cosmetic concerns, often discouraging individuals from seeking treatment for mild to moderate concerns that affect… Read more »

Removing Decay From Inside Your Tooth

While many people are aware that brushing and flossing are necessary factors that contribute to a healthy smile, many aren’t aware that they only represent half of the battle. In fact, excellent oral health is comprised of a combination of preventive care at home, 6-month visits to the dentist’s office for checkups and cleanings, and… Read more »

How Scaling and Root Planing Protect Your Grin

Every tooth is comprised of two main parts – the root and the crown. While the crown assists in biting and chewing, the root actually stabilizes the tooth and helps to absorb the stress of your bite. Without a strong base, a crown would not be secure and could not function properly. When diseases and… Read more »

How Tooth Roots Stabilize Your Teeth

Your teeth are made up of much more than you see when you smile into a mirror. While the crown of your tooth is important from a cosmetic and functional standpoint, it’s not the only part of your tooth that matters. Each of your teeth actually extends deep beneath your gum line. Below the surface,… Read more »

Crafting A Lifelike Dental Filling

When you have a cavity, this could not only cause pain in your smile, but also lead to a risk of serious complications. In order to treat the issue and protect your smile, then we will create a filling. In today’s blog, your Silver City, NM, dentist will explain how we create fillings that look… Read more »

Three Ways Tooth Fillings Can Protect Your Smile

Despite keeping up with traditional and routine good oral health habits such as brushing and flossing, cavities can still form and cause a threat to the health of your smile. If you are not receiving regular examinations and cleanings, these cavities can progress and get worse to a point that a regular filling will not… Read more »

3 Things a Dental Crown May Be Best For

When your tooth experiences a problem with its structure that’s too significant for cosmetic treatment to address, customizing the right restoration can serve several important purposes. Most importantly, your tooth won’t heal or repair itself, and restoring it is the only way to preserve the undamaged part of its natural structure. In many cases, the… Read more »