How to Properly Care for Children’s Smiles

There are a lot of misconceptions about children’s dental health care. For example, some parents mistakenly believe that baby teeth don’t really require much attention or restoration because they’re destined to fall out anyway. Or, that children don’t really need routine dental care until they already have several years under their belts. However, children need professional dental care as early as possible, and their primary (baby) teeth are essential to the growth and development of their permanent smiles. At our office, we happily see children of all ages and are highly experienced in providing the compassionate care children need and deserve.

Preventive measures to protect their smiles

Prevention is the cornerstone of any healthy smile, at any age. For children, though, prevention is especially important. It starts with teaching children the basics of good hygiene at home and letting them practice until they perfect it. Also, get children used to visiting the dentist as early possible by bringing them with you to your own dental appointments. During your child’s visits, we’ll not only perform comprehensive dental cleaning and a thorough dental exam, but also recommend additional protection such as fluoride treatment or dental sealants to better protect your child’s teeth.

Restorative measures to preserve their smiles

Even with the best intentions, some children may still develop issues such as tooth decay (the cause behind cavities). Like adult teeth, ignoring the issue is never a good idea. While it’s true that baby teeth will fall out on their own eventually, they can still become infected with decay and threaten the health and integrity of your child’s smile. For example, biocompatible tooth fillings can help restore cavities in a natural-looking way, maintaining your child’s smile.  If necessary, we can custom-design a biocompatible dental crown that fits comfortably on your child’s tooth.

Schedule a dental appointment for your child

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