The Art of Reshaping Your Gum Line

Cosmetic dentistry’s ultimate goal is to optimize your smile’s entire appearance, and in some cases, that may include improving the contour of your gum line. Cosmetic gum contouring involves minor oral surgery to trim away excess amounts of gum tissues, which may be covering disproportionate amounts of structure on one or more of your teeth. The result of this misalignment can impact your smile’s entire appearance, making some teeth seem larger, smaller, or out of alignment compared to others. After a gum contouring procedure, your gums and teeth will be more symmetrical and uniform, and your periodontal health can benefit in several important ways, as well.

What gum contouring entails

Gum contouring may require minor oral surgery, but it’s a minimally invasive procedure that can be completed as comfortably and quickly as most other cosmetic dental treatments. Before recommending it, we’ll carefully examine your periodontal tissues (gums), teeth, and oral tissues to ensure that it’s the best option for your smile. If you prefer, you may opt for dental sedation to help make the procedure more comfortable, though many patients don’t find this necessary.

A few more benefits of gum contouring

The reshaping of your gum line is important to keeping your smile symmetrical and attractive looking, but gum contouring offers more benefits than just boosting your confidence. When your gums aren’t even, oral bacteria may have an easier time working their way underneath the tissues, which leads to the development of gingivitis and gum disease. By contouring your gum line, you can reduce this risk and improve your chances of preserving your healthy, natural teeth and smile for life.

Schedule a visit to ask about gum contouring

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