Dental Bridges for a Lost Tooth

Tooth loss can occur in several degrees, and choosing the right replacement depends largely on the extent of your tooth loss. For example, if you’ve lost a single tooth, then a dental bridge may be able to replace it and rebuild your smile conservatively. A bridge consists of lifelike replacement tooth, or pontic, that’s supported by one or a pair of dental crowns. When the crowns are attached to nearby abutment teeth, the bridge will remain permanently and securely in place.

Partial/Full Dentures for More Lost Teeth

If your tooth loss is more extensive, then you may require a partial or full denture, depending on how many you’ve lost. If you still retain healthy teeth on your dental ridge, then a partial denture can be designed to fit around them, with pontics placed where your missing ones were to fill in the gaps in your smile. If you’ve lost all of the healthy teeth on your dental ridge, then a full denture can be designed with a complete row of realistic replacements to fully rebuild your smile.

Dental Implants for More Realistic Replacements

No matter how many teeth you’ve lost, the most beneficial way to replace them is often with the support of one or more dental implants. Made from biocompatible titanium, implant posts are designed to mimic your lost teeth roots and are inserted into your jawbone. The implants can then be used to secure your dental bridge or denture in place with comfort and stability similar to that of your healthy, natural teeth.

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