Deep Cleaning (Scaling and Root Planing)

When you brush and floss your teeth twice a day, you have a great chance of keeping your teeth healthy. However, your hygiene routine mainly focuses on the visible parts of your teeth (called the crowns). If you brush carefully along your gum line, you can also improve your chances of preventing gingivitis, the first stage of chronic gum disease. However, if plaque and tartar work their way under your gums, you may begin to show the early signs of gum disease, which will grow worse if not addressed promptly. To help you fight it, we may suggest scaling and root planing, which involves carefully accessing and cleaning your teeth roots underneath your gums.

Signs that you need perio cleaning

Gingivitis is the infection that results from oral bacteria accumulating underneath your gums, and it’s the precursor to gum disease and, in severe cases, tooth loss. Yet, when it first develops, it can be difficult to detect on your own (hence, the need to stick to your routine checkup and cleaning appointments). If you notice any of the following signs between your routine visits, then we advise scheduling an exam to determine if you have gingivitis:

  • Redness of your gum tissues
  • Discoloration in certain areas of your gums
  • Swelling or inflammation (a driving force behind gum disease)
  • Bleeding when you brush and floss
  • Chronic and/or worsening bad breath (halitosis)
  • Recession, or gums pulling away from your teeth
  • Sensitivity in your gums and/or teeth roots
  • And more

What scaling and root planing mean

Gingivitis forms when plaque and tartar accumulate on your teeth roots, so the point of scaling and root planing is to thoroughly remove these biofilms. This requires carefully accessing the roots underneath your gums, a delicate procedure that can take longer to complete than traditional dental cleaning. After exposing the roots, we can gently remove the plaque and tartar (scaling) and then polish the root surfaces (root planing) to make it harder for bacteria to cling there in the future.

Schedule a visit to fight back against gingivitis

Catching and treating gingivitis early with scaling and root planing can be your best shot at protecting your smile from the consequences of gum disease. To schedule an appointment with us, call Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699. We also proudly serve patients who live in Bayard, Deming, Las Cruces, Lordsburg, and all surrounding communities.