When Tooth Extraction Requires Surgery

When a tooth becomes too much of a threat to the rest of your oral health and it can’t be saved with restorative treatment, extracting the tooth may be the best option. Depending on the specific cause of the tooth’s trouble (i.e., severe infection, damage, or impaction), extracting it may be simple, or it may require a careful, minor oral surgery procedure to ensure its complete removal. If your tooth requires surgical extraction, then we can help ensure high-quality treatment with Dr. Everett’s help. We can also restore your smile afterward with the right replacement, such as a dental implant and crown, following its extraction.

Common reasons for tooth extraction

There are several potential reasons for needing tooth extraction, both simple and surgical. They can range from an extreme chronic condition like tooth decay or gum disease, to a tooth becoming impacted within your jawbone and unable to erupt. Some of the most common reasons why we might suggest tooth extraction include:

  • A third molar (wisdom tooth) becoming stuck behind an existing molar
  • A tooth that’s too severely damaged to restore
  • Severe tooth infection that can’t be treated with root canal treatment
  • The failure of a previous restoration, such as a root canal or dental crown
  • A tooth with a broken or irregularly shaped root
  • And more

Restoring your smile by replacing the tooth

If the tooth being extracted is an impacted wisdom tooth, then simply removing it may be the only solution you require to restore your smile. However, the loss of any other tooth could have a negative impact on your long-term oral health and bite function. Therefore, we may plan on replacing the tooth immediately following your tooth extraction procedure. For optimal results, you may benefit most from a dental implant and crown, which can replace the root of your lost tooth as well as its visible part above your gum line.

Schedule a visit to have your tooth extracted

Whether your tooth extraction procedure is simple or requires minor oral surgery, we can help you ensure optimal results to make restoring your smile easier. To learn more, schedule a consultation with us by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699. We also proudly serve patients who live in Bayard, Deming, Las Cruces, Lordsburg, and all surrounding communities.